Safar Tonics™

The world’s first adaptogenic honey tonic range for therapeutic relief of lifestyle illnesses & environmental stressors.

Safar Tonics™ The world’s first honey-based adaptogenic tonic range


Our Philosophy

Developed by herbalists and bee-keepers, our indigenous ancestral knowledge works with the body's natural intelligence to restore balance and functionality.

Our Experience

We have worked extensively, both locally and abroad, alongside medical practitioners and homeopaths.

All products are 100% natural, preservative-free, have no added sugar, vegetarian, and is strictly halal.

Heal with us!

Next day delivery*

Enjoy Safar Tonics™ from the comfort of your home. We offer next day delivery for all orders placed from Monday-Thursday before 08:00 AM

*Only applies to Aramex Store-to-Door shipping option.

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